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This entire page is devoted to Rickie Fowler Clothes. This is our best attempt at capturing the craziest Rickie Fowler outfits and providing information on where you can purchase the same. I’m sure we’ve forgotten a few, so please drop a comment at the bottom of this article and let us know what your favorite Rickie outfit has been.

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 #1 – The Rickie Fowler Pink Outfits

Here’s Rickie at the Arnold Palmer Invitational in March 2011.

rickie fowler pink outfit 1

And here’s where you can find the duds (WARNING – his boy-like physique doesn’t come with them):

The Pants

rickie folwer white puma pants 1

$51.00 from Puma

The Shirt

rickie fowler pink puma shirt 1

$44.99 on Ebay

And here he is a year earlier (2010) at the same tournament. Pink must be his tribute to Arnold.

rickie fowler pink outfit 2

All we could find available for purchase on this one was the pants. Maybe Puma will bring back the shirt as retro in the coming years.

rickie fowler pink pants

The Pants – $74.99 on Ebay

rickie fowler pink golf shoes

The Shoes – $189.97 from TGW


#2 – Rickie in Orange on Sundays

Paying tribute to Oklahoma State University on Sunday has become a Fowler tradition. Here he is relaxing on the green.

rickie fowler orange outfit

It’ll cost you a bit to match this look, but it may definitely be worth it. Here’s what you’ll need:

$99.95 at The Golf Club

$189.97 at TGW * Limited Availability

$189.97 at TGW
* Limited Availability

$29.95 on Amazon.

$29.95 on Amazon.

$18.00 from Puma.

$18.00 from Puma.


#3 – Rickie in Plaid

At Doral in 2013 sporting a more traditional plaid look. Of course he’s still a little crazy with the straight brimmed matching cap.

rickie fowler plaid outfit

Sizes / inventory seem to be limited.

$69.97 at TGW.  ** Sizes limited

$69.97 at TGW.
** Sizes limited

$14.99 at Amazon

$14.99 at Amazon

$220 on Fairway Golf

$220 on Fairway Golf

Your Thoughts?

We will surely build upon this list as Rickie continues to surprise us with new styles. Until then, we hope you enjoy what we’ve gathered so far, and as always, we request that you please share any information about where to get Rickie Fowler Clothing, whether its shirts, shoes, hats, pants, belts … you name it. His gear is top notch.

Of all the Rickie Fowler Pants you’ve seen, what’s your favorite? Let us know by commenting below.

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