Crazy Golf Pants for Men – What the Pros Wear

As a golfer, you need to relish in the fact that you play a sport which allows you to express yourself through fashion. If you aren’t already sporting bright and obnoxious colors on the links, here is a list of pros that are picking up your slack. In this post you’ll find the top 5 craziest dressed golfers, counting down towards the best dressed mens golfer that also wears crazy golf pants.

#5 Payne Stewart

Known best for his fancy hats and patterned sox / knickers, Payne is a no brainer for this list. Not to mention his unmistakable vests. Flip through this gallery of google images for Payne to get some inspiration for your next round. We picked out our favorites below.

payne stewart crazy golf pants for men 1 crazy golf pants for men payne stewart 2

#4 Rickie Fowler

This guy must play a lot of night golf because every week he’s lighting up the course with his bright colored golf pants. He could use a little curve in that hat, though. Maybe an occasional facial hair trim as well. He is sponsored by Puma Golf, so that is what you’ll find in this gallery of his most popular outfits.

(in addition to this gallery, we’ve reviewed each piece of these Rickie Fowler outfits in a separate post)

rickie fowler orange outfit rickie fowler plaid outfit rickie fowler pink outfit 1

# 3 – Ian Poulter

Ian certainly has take argyle to a whole new level. The that he has his own design company is a true testament to his fashion prowess! He never shies away from a pair of flashy golf trousers. Here are his most noteworthy:

ian poulter crazy golf pants for men pink  ian poulter crazy golf pants for men 1 crazy golf pants for men ian poulter british flag

 # 2 – John Daly

The man, the myth, AND the legend. John Daly himself. Crazy golf pants aren’t the only thing wild about John. Don’t take our word for for it … pickup a copy of his book My Life in and Out of the Rough. We consider John to be the godfather of wild and crazy golf fashion. Loudmouth Golf has sponsored John, and you can purchase most of his duds directly on their website. You’ll have to pick up the pack of Marlboros and handle of rum from your local liquor store though! Here is John in action:

crazy golf pants for men john daly 1 crazy golf pants for men john daly 2 crazy golf pants for men john daly 3

# 1 – YOU TELL US!

Who did we forget about? Can you challenge these guys from your personal wardrobe? Let us know by leaving a comment below. We’ll keep tracking the PGA tour so we can supplement this list to let you know where to pick up the same crazy golf pants for men that the pros are wearing.


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