Golf Knickers – The Ultimate Buying Guide


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What are knickers?

Golf knickers are short pants worn on the golf course. They are not shorts, and they are not pants. In modern times you might liken them to Capri pants. Golf knickers have been around since the 17th century and worn by many famous professionals.

What are knickerbockers?

Knickerbockers, as related to golf clothing, simply refers to baggy kneed pants. (here is full wiki article). The pants that NFL referees have worn in the past are also considered knickerbockers.

What are plus fours?

Plus fours are four inches longer than standard knickerbockers and go four inches below the knee. Plus twos … you guessed it … They go two inches below the knee.


There are many good articles on the history of golf knickers, including this one from Global Golf, but it’s safe to summarize that they have been around since the 17th century and were popularized by Dutch families, the king of England, and of course Payne Stewart.


It seems like most knickers are solid or plaid. But are those the only good patterns for golf knickers? Absolutely not! Checkered, swirled, stripes, shapes, circles, argyle, triangles, paint splashes, animals, and all other crazy designs are common among golf knickers. Here are a few photos of our favorites that will give you an idea of patters:

Checkered Patterned Knickers

checkered knickers 1  checkered knickers 2  checkered knickers 3

Argyle Patterned Knickers

argyle knickers 1  argyle knickers 3

Striped Patterned Knickers

striped american flag golf knickers  striped knickers 1  striped knickers 2 


Commonly paired with knickers is a flashy pair of argyle socks.

One simple rule for sock choice – never, ever, wear pattern on pattern. Meaning don’t choose a pair of argyle knickers and argyle socks to make your outfit. That’s too distracting to the other golfers that have paid good money to share the course with you. If you are in doubt, use this guide:

Patterned Pants = Solid Sox
Solid Pants = Patterned Sox

Here are some great sock/knicker combos:

socks knickers 1   socks knickers 2   socks knickers 3


The best accessories to go with your knickers, in the order of importance according to, include:

  1. Socks
  2. Tops
  3. Vests
  4. Caps / Hats

Pairing one or all of these accessories with your trousers will insure you have the best possible golf knicker outfit.

When to Wear

Knickers are great for any golf occasion, whether you are on the PGA Tour or out for a buddies bachelor party. They will keep you cool as they cover only half the leg, but also will be well respected by fellow golfers. Anytime you want to generate a good golf apparel conversation at your tournament you can rest assured a pair of knickers will get the job done. They are not uncomfortable … perfect for both the casual and the professional golfer. We even saluted Payne Stewart in our list of top pros that have worn crazy golf pants, obviously as a result of his love for knickers.

Knickers can be funny, or serious, and really can be great for any golf outing (make sure you check the course dress code!).


Follow your normal pants (waist) size when purchasing knickers.


Though commonly thought of as old school golf outfits, knickers outfits are still appropriate. There is a lot of golf history in the knicker … and golf is a great game that has been preserved over centuries.


Looking for clearance, cheap, used, vintage, discount knickers? Here is a list of resources you can use for purchasing:


What about kids? Where should you grab baby or toddler knickers?

There are some retailers out there that are offering knickers for the little ones. Here is a link to the latest offerings.


Hope you enjoyed the roundup article! Please leave a comment below if you have any questions that weren’t addressed.

Happy golfing!

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